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Zulma Berenice Gonzalez

Chief Strategy Officer

North America

Zulma is an established community leader and public figure located in the state of Florida, USA. Zulma’s experience as an immigrant child from Mexico has shaped and motivated her life as an adult to give back and serve those who are in great and/or greater need. One of Zulma’s core beliefs is that social responsibility belongs to all human beings and that working in alignment and unity plants the seed of true change.

After spending many years in the practice of day to day business management and operations she felt the need to shift paths to follow her life’s calling to be of service to her fellow human beings, she returned to school to pursue an education in Psychology and Alternative Medicine. Today her whole focus is in creating and pioneering Holistic Heart Centered Leadership training for individuals and entrepreneurs which she calls, Business With A Heart: a practice that places people over profit successfully while simultaneously creating positive ripples of change across the world.

On her mission to make the world a better place and create opportunities that lead to better quality of life for others, she has found that nothing is greater than being in and of service to others but also, that a truly intentional life with purpose isn’t about working (physically) hard, but rather about working with and encouraging emotional intelligence. This understanding has taken special significance for Zulma in the social media space, space she uses as leverage to reach as many as possible with a message of hope and endless possibilities that are created when a community unifies in service to the needs of the community and beyond.

As community leader Zulma aligns and unifies a holistic lifestyle that is the result of the unfolding and development of a holistic mindset through mindful public speaking, consulting and coaching. Zulma’s skill sets as a Holistic Health Practitioner and a Life Coach for the last decade have been a useful source to those seeking exploration, direction, inspiration, help, and/or advice and feedback in her community which isn’t limited to a state, or a country but rather available for the whole world.

Pioneering the concept of Holistic Leadership has been a source of great joy for Zulma because among many beautiful and inspiring projects that she has had the privilege to lead and serve in; Kokoon Global is a project that outshines others, because Kokoon unifies industries with honesty and transparency to uplift communities, the communities that need it most.

As the N. American Strategy Officer for Kokoon Zulma is excited to employ synergetic alignment, unification, and strategic connection building for all citizens of the world, current Kokoon shareholders, future Kokoon shareholders, and generations to come.

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