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Judge Tone Harstad

Chief Legal Officer

Tone has for some years now been working as judge in the field of children's welfare, as Board Chair of The County Social Welfare Board. Earlier she has been a lawyer, conducting cases in various areas of the law, e.g. criminal cases and property law. Prior to that, she was a Deputy Judge and District Court Judge, handling all kinds of cases. Before that, following her law exam in 1995, she was working out acts and regulations, working for The Ministry of Health and The Ministry of The Environment.

As the initiator of Kokoon for Peace, Tone’s experience from daily judicial life as a judge and lawyer, has been that every day means being in the middle of conflict and polarization. The parties spend all their resources with the aim of winning, instead of solving the problems and working out the overall best result. Winning a battle doesn’t equal getting peace. Therefore, mediation and conflict resolution has become her main focus, and she contributed in introducing a system for mediation, which has turned out a great success. We see that when the parties feel listened to and understood, at the same time as they are challenged, miracles really do happen. When they change focus from “winning the trial” or “ruining the other party”, to realizing that there is a common goal, they can spend their resources joining forces and get incredible results.

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