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Wellness Director

Grew up in the mountains in the mid-south part of Norway. She has a passionate relationship to nature. In this way she has always been concerned about the importance of taking care of all the aspects of the human being; body, spirit and mind. Especially she is very compassionate about food as medicine, movement and meditation and its severe importance for human overall health.

She started at Dr. Holms Hotel in Norway at a young age and worked at the same hotel for 18 years. Together with a great team she was part of a huge turnaround process from failure to success at one of the oldest, most venerable and luxurious mountain resorts in Norway.

Her last job at the hotel was to start up and operate a high standard Spa department. At the time it was the best Spa in Norway with highly qualified and conscious practitioners and staff. The service was at a high standard and it became a success.  

In 2005 she started slowly and surely on her new path, in work as well as personal. From 2005-2018 she has continuous taken education in elementary medicine, nutrition, self-development and stress management, and yoga.  She has been a training instructor for 20 years; aerobic, spinning/indoor bike, strength training, Pilates and yoga. She has also been part of start-ups of two fitness centers.  

Since 2011 she has run her own business with one-one counselling, lectures in nutrition, stress-management and holistic lifestyle, Retreats and yoga teaching for groups and online.

Siri knows the Kokoon project is a blessing for humans and the earth. This is a life project for her where she can share all her compassion and power into action. Together with likeminded people that consciously want to make this planet a better place now and for future generations.

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