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Per Jacob Solli


Per Solli is a super positive and highly motivated entrepreneur born in Norway and the driving force behind Kokoon Global INC.

As a top athlete himself, Per moved into sports coaching with one of Norway's women’s soccer teams playing in the top division, IK Grand Bodo 1998/1999 and also served as CEO till 2000. Working extensively with the team and closely monitoring performance, he developed a niche sports program which led to a highly successful and lengthy career traveling the world talking about Sports Nutrition and Fitness to sports teams, athletes, doctors, coaches, and other sports professionals, etc.., and knows the industry well. Per’s specific expertise also extends to training, physical therapy, sales and overall business development. Having lived mostly in Hotels for the last 20 odd years or so and possessing a keen interest in them, Per has become quite an expert. This knowledge and his sports background resulted in the concept of a Medical Centre with Sports Injury focus, combined with Sports Rehabilitation and Nutrition programs catering for elite athletes aimed at fast recovery in a luxurious environment, the initial Kokoon La Aldea project. It has grown much bigger since then. As President and Founder of Kokoon Global INC, Per has been patiently putting the pieces together for over 10 years now and the scale of the project involves many people and many plans.

One has to have nerves to stand on the world stage and negotiate the deals required for the Kokoon project, and standing up in an industry where you suggest business as usual is not good enough, attending meetings with government officials and big business, and clinching deals and signing on new investors, Per has certainly demonstrated his resilient, upbeat and determined character.

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