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mary-janne nystøl

Wellness Canarias

Mary-Janne grew up on the stormy and beautiful west coast of Norway.

She has done many different things in life, among these worked in the hotel industry, been a store manager, an interior consultant and worked with people with mental health challenges. She enjoys working with people and is interested in the different aspects of life. She also thinks it is important to stay in shape, and has played football for two decades, before she switched to running, and in recent years to meditation, yoga and strength training.

In 2004, she started the process of recovering her own health by changing her lifestyle, and discovered it had a positive impact on both the physical and mental levels. This was the start of a journey that led her towards what she does and is today.

In 2013, she started a nutrition education in Norway and Spain and after completing it, established her own company with one-on-one consultations, holding both her own courses, and retreats with colleagues. Her specialties include food intolerance, SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) and, in addition, promoting how to easily make good and healthy food. She is passionate about what nutritious food can do for the body, and what meditation can do for the soul. More than anything, Mary-Janne loves helping people to have a better life.

She joined Kokoon in 2019, as she has always had a vision of doing more good for people around the world. Kokoon is a perfect representation of what she wants to do next, and became a natural choice, as it gives her an opportunity to continue to show that so much can be improved for each individual human being, by simply raising awareness for themselves and making the right choices to improve their health through a holistic approach.

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