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Lill iren Aase sørli

Wellness Canarias

"Lill Iren has always been passionate about health, nutrition and a natural lifestyle. Educated as an authorized health secretary, she has worked in the Norwegian health service for over 10 years, alongside doctors and other health practitioners.

Lill Iren grew up on a large farm, a few miles north of Bergen. She came back to this farm at a later stage with her husband and they ran it together for several years.

Nature, animals and fellow human beings have always had a big place in Lill Iren’s heart, ever since her early childhood.

She has occupied different positions within health and social services, starting to work in these fields already as a teenager.

Since 2013, she has lived in Gran Canaria for extended periods of the year, due to health challenges in her family.

Lill Iren is also a trained dietitian and Medical Yoga Instructor and her passion is to be able to guide people towards better health through a natural lifestyle.

Lill Iren is a strong believer that living a life in harmony, based on a combination of nutritious food, natural medicine with herbs and plants, meditation, yoga and physical activity is important to be able to live your life in the best possible way and achieve optimal health and well-being. She sees the body as a whole, in which emotional, physical and mental health all play equally important parts for our happiness, freedom and overall harmony.

For Lill Iren, it is important to have an open mind, share with your fellow human beings, be optimistic, give more love to everyone, let go of what doesn’t serve you, live in the present, practice gratitude every day, prioritize time for yourself, recognize your own value and forgive yourself and others, in order to move forward in life.

Lill Iren joined Kokoon in 2021 because Kokoon's vision of "sharing and caring", and "we are all in this together" is in line with her own life values for humanity. She believes that we all have the same value and have a common responsibility to take care of each other.”

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