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David White


David White is a well respected multi-awarded veteran of the film industry.

Beginning professionally in 1983, his expertise as a Sound Designer covers the entirety of what is possible in sound and his catalogue includes Fearure Films, Documentaries, TV drama, sci-fi series, TV series, TV commercial, and gaming, and also music recording and mixing in all genres, including classical, hip-hop and rock.

Notably, David won Australia’s first Oscar for Sound Editing at the 2016 Academy Awards for Mad Max; Fury Road. David’s story telling expertise and unashamed truth telling has made him a much sort after and well trusted collaborator on hundreds of projects, and he is passionately driven to achieve the best.

He is an advocate for change in the Australian Film Industry, and has been strongly involved in enquiries and lobbied parliamentarians both at state and federal levels, for change to taxation international incentives and treaties.

David’s preparedness to seek out the best in his collaborators and his encouragement of experienced and inexperienced filmmakers alike, is legendary, and he is driven to bring out the authentic best in the story of each project he works on. This has made David a much sort out individual in the filmmaking community, and combined with his nimble thinking, he will be a much valued asset and leader in the philosophy of Kokoon now and into the future.

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