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Cassandra duchenaud

Wellness Canarias

Cassandra, born in France, has always been a people-lover, passionate about discovering new languages and cultures. Her Franco-Irish background gave her a nice jumpstart regarding the English language.

In 1987, after passing the French baccalaureate, she moved to Vienna, Austria, where she greatly deepened her knowledge of the German and English languages, while studying at the Dolmetsch Institute.

Theatre and expressive arts have been part of her life since a very young age and during her 8 year-long stay in Austria, she also worked as a semi-professional actor for the French theatre group, and then as a professional actor in Viennese primary schools.

Cassandra worked as a translator for English and German for many years, adding Spanish, Swedish and Norwegian to her toolbox, as life brought her to meet different countries along the way.

Her passion has always been to build bridges between people from different backgrounds, in order to promote better respective and mutual understanding, and translation felt like a great way to do just that. However, as she moved to Montreal for a few years with her family in 2006, she discovered energy medicine and trained with several teachers within that field.

Cassandra has worked as a psycho-energetic therapist since 2009, in her praxis in Oslo. She combines different tools to reconnect her clients with their own luminous core, no matter how hard their path might have been. She has led regular meditation circles since 2010 and has organized many workshops within the field of spirituality and self-development.

She is the author of the self-published book “Put Your Crown On!” that tells her own story from self-hate to self-love, and the co-founder of 3 different Healing Arts international online festivals, “Litha”, “La Symphonie des Sens”, and “Feel, Deal, Heal”.

She joined Kokoon in 2019, as everything this company stands for resonates deeply with her own quest for social justice, inner and outer balance, respect for all sentient beings, as well as for individual and global peace.

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