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Anette bratberget jensen

Wellness Canarias

From an early age, Anette has always hoped that life was more than what she learned in school. She felt alienated in the expectations society had for her. Her soul needed to get out of the routines, and her heart needed to feel free from its destructive beliefs about herself. After high school, she travelled the world several times and the world opened up to her.

During her travels, she met people who changed her life! She started practicing and learning about Yoga, meditation, eastern medicine, plant medicine and different philosophies. A deep love for nature, people, and for the earth grew stronger over the years, and to embark on the path of eastern medicine came naturally to her.

Anette is a certified acupuncturist, trained in Norway and China. Since 2017, she has run her own independent practice. Her fascination and love for Chinese medicine, especially the philosophy behind the medicine, has changed her outlook on life, something she wants to share with others. She is very interested in how the physiological, psychological and external environment are interconnected, and how experiences in life make an impression on the body and mind. She is also a trained holistic energy therapist. Her 3-year education is a synthesis of the best from medical methods and complementary therapies. Her major interest is raising awareness in general, and in particular, better understanding of our sensitive nervous system.

Anette has 14 years of experience from sales and customer service in the clothing and travel industry. She has been a part of several store openings. During these years she has gained good experience in meeting the different needs of people, which is equally important in her job as a therapist. She has also worked in various health institutions, including Sunnaas, which is Norway's largest rehabilitation hospital.

One of the main reasons why Anette joined Kokoon is because she has a strong longing for a community feeling, where people involved are lifting each other up, making each other better and supporting each other. Also, she has a strong sense of justice and equality, which is one of the core values of Kokoon. Last, but not least she loves nature, and wants to contribute to a better world for the next generations.

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